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NEW ALBUM – Delicate

NEW ALBUM – Delicate

NEW ALBUM - Delicate


Well we managed it in the end – two albums in one year (that’s pretty fucking awesome in my book!). At one point I really didn’t think the project would hit the shelves before 2020, but with the help of a couple of solid professionals, we got there in the end!

Delicate is available at all the major online streaming services…and 750 other worldwide services.

Here’s a lazy link to the album on Spotify – The Marica Frequency – Delicate

Special thanks to Marisa and Tom for their help in shaping the final project!

NEW ALBUM – When Things Fall Down

NEW ALBUM – When Things Fall Down

NEW ALBUM - When Things Fall Down


Okay, so I’m a little bit late posting this, as the album actually hit the digital online stores on the 17th of January (the press releases followed on the 22nd). Anyway – better late than never.

The Marica Frequency proudly present our third album release – When Things Fall Down.

Spotify link to the album: When Things Fall Down

P.S. It’s also available on Amazon, iTunes, Deezer…and all the other big online stores!


The Marica Frequency – Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Cover)

The Marica Frequency – Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Cover)

The Marica Frequency - Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Cover)

Okay, so I decided to step away from the third album for a couple of months, and relax with a cover of a song I’ve always loved. In my humble opinion – it’s simplicity and emotion makes it one of the best songs ever released (well, that’s my opinion anyway!).

It’s our version of the mighty Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan.

Marisa was up for it – I was up for it – so we went for it! (she pulled off an awesome job as usual).


New Album Released – Robin

New Album Released – Robin

New Album Released - Robin

Okay, a little bit late with this alert, but as you can imagine – the last week or so has been pretty mad!

The Marica Frequency’s second album, Robin, hit the record shelves on the 21st of March (2018). You can listen to it here on Spotify –

The first, and maybe ONLY, single off the album is The Lost Ones – it’s the third song on the album playlist. We’re just finishing off an official video as we speak.

P.S. The album is available at all the BIG online stores like iTunes etc, not just Spotify (we’ll have the album up here before too long!).

Here’s the album cover…

I’m Alive!

I’m Alive!

I'm Alive!

Yeah, I’ve been pretty quiet over the last few months – producing an album will do that to you!

But, the good news is the second album release by The Marica Frequency should be up and running by the end of the month (famous last words).

It will be shortly followed by a single release (NOT a song from the album) named ‘The Owl’.

I can’t let you see/hear any sneak peaks yet due to the record label handling Spotify, iTunes etc – they can be fussy fuckers at times.

Once the music is handed over to the label proper – I’ll post the album cover on here.

I can tell you that the album will be titled ‘Robin’.

See ya soon!

EP’s & Unreleased Stuff Will Be Given Away Free!

EP’s & Unreleased Stuff Will Be Given Away Free!

EP's & Unreleased Stuff Will Be Given Away Free!

Just a heads up on all the backlog I now have as we near the completion of the second album – there’s a lot of it and I really didn’t know what to do with it!

Anyway, I decided to throw it out there for free so keep an eye out for a new section appearing on this site. I just have to figure out how to set up a download system that lets visitors take what they want…when they want.

Most of the B-sides, rarities and old tunes will probably turn up on YouTube at some point so keep an eye out. Here’s one I uploaded about a month (or so) back….

Thanks for your continued support.
New Website LIVE!

New Website LIVE!

New Website LIVE!

Just a short post to kick things off here – we are live with a shiny new website (as you can see!).

Nothing wrong with the old website, it just gave me that dark and doom-like feeling every time I navigated around it. At the end of the day it was probably more suited to a death metal band…we needed something a little brighter!

Anyway, hope this is an improvement.

Navigation around the site is now centred around the left sidebar – posts, pages, search bar etc. We are even including a contact page so you can get in touch directly.

Enjoy your visit!