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Music Archives

Nursery Rhymes (Full Album)


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Robin (Full Album)


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When Things Fall Down (Full Album)


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Delicate (Full Album)


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  1. I was super excited when I found this page.  Music is my world.  In fact when I was going through a very tough time in my life I believe the only thing that pulled me through was music. I am always looking and listening for that next piece of art that is going to go into my music library. Thank you for providing this – your music is absolutely captivating and I’ve been following you got quite some time now! 

  2. I have always really enjoyed your music – we often put it on in the background of our dinner parties. How may more release are you planning to make, and are you all from the same country? 

    I notice Chris is from Wales, but Marisa is from America. You all get together to record?

  3. So pleased that you’ve got a website going now – been following your stuff since I heard That Voice Behind – Marisa is awesome in that! 

    Are you planning any tour dates this year, or are you going back into studio? 

    I’ll be sure to check your updates here when I can 🙂

  4. New fan here! I first found you guys via your cover of Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door. Loved that!

    I’ve been listening to ‘Nursery Rhymes’ at work for the pas half hour and I must say I’m loving it! Still have some hours to work today, so I’m sure I’ll get to listen to ‘Robin’ too. Can’t wait!

  5. You guys haven’t released a bad song yet – which is quite amazing in my book! Everything you’ve got out there has that special ethereal feel to it that only you can produce.

    Can’t wait for the new album to be released (I heard on the grapevine it may hit the shelves before January?)

  6. I love it! These are some amazing songs. Why have I not heard of this group before? They need to be everywhere! I read the “about” page so I could get a better “feel” of the group! Wow, a song a day?! If they are all as beautiful as the samples I heard on the music archive page, I am a fan! Where can I hear their music? Where can I buy their music? Simple awesome! So glad I came across your site!

  7. Your music is very relaxing. I don’t know why never heard more about this band, but now you have a faithful fan. There is no need to watch a video in order to feel it, your music does all the talking. I can sit for hours hearing at your albums and let my imagination fly away. Thank you for this beautiful music.  Must admit that you have to hear the songs some times in order to understand them, but once you feel it, just can stop hitting the ‘replay’ button.

  8. I didn’t realize this was all your music until I read the other comments! Now I’m even more impressed. Great stuff guys! I personally like the calming style; it’s a good type of music to listen to whilst I’m studying or writing as it keeps me calm and relaxed without distracting me. Was that you aim when creating the music? Thanks for sharing guys, I’ll check some of your other stuff out too. 

  9. My friend recommended your music, and I found your site! Music is like one of my favourite things in the world! I often sit at my computer working and always have music on in the background like I do right now.

    Your music is awesome because it fits right in with what I listen to in calming me as I write. I cannot believe how it relaxes me.I am going back now to listen to these again because that’s how much I enjoy music like this. Where do you get this creativity?

  10. oh my oh my……  I am totally out of this world . This is awesome.  I get lifted up with music,  I’d been able to cope through some really hard lonely time with cool musics as these.  I am excited for this your post and I have started to follow you from now on.

    I can listen to goodbye all day long. 

  11. You are something new and refreshing! Awesome! Your music is so calming and relaxing. I can`t wait to get home and just chill while listening to your songs over and over again. Knockin` on Heaven`s Door (cover) is really special. I wonder how come I’ve never heard about you before my sister introduced me… I`ll check up your site again, for sure! 

    Thank you!


  12. I have to say my favorite was Hit the Lights. Such a calm soothing music sweet but gentle tone. The other one I really liked was hallowed ground., has a nice country vibe to it.

    Music is quite popular in my home. One of my daughters friend is a well known singer. So we are usually the first ones to hear it his music, which is usually still in making  

    My daughter takes our feedback back to him about any changes that need to be made. Great stuff you have here. 

  13. I love music! But not those pop music that can obstruct the speed of my daily writing. What you shared here is mesmerizing. I can’t stop listening at all. It really helps me to get idea for my article. Is there a name for such music? I subscribe to Spotify and this piece of music is definitely going to into my playlist . 

  14. I always like to consider myself as a musical student because that is a great way to learn from others. Keeping that in my mind always helps me remember that people may know something that you don’t.

    That is why I like this page in particular. The music blends together in ways that I have not considered before and it is very interesting to listen to.

  15. Hi there, I’m not sure if this site is checked for comments or not but I just had to leave one as I think you guys are amazing!

    I often check online for bands and music that I haven’t heard of before as you don’t know when you are going to find a gem like The Marica Frequency.

    Just got to the ‘Your Soul Needs It’ track and I’m loving the intro, such a relaxing tune that I could play on repeat for the next few hours.

    My sister is the lead singer of a band called ‘Jaspers Daughter’ i might be a bit biased but I think they are amazing, you should check them out if you have the time.

    Anyway, I have shared this post on my social media so I can show my friends and family how great you are, keep playing tracks like these and you will go far that’s for sure.

    Do you have a Facebook group or anything like that so I can follow you?

  16. First found your music on YouTube, now I enjoyed it so much I bookmarked your site so I can come back to it frequently. The video animation was stunning and complimented the music well.  Great job!  My favourite video is Owain’s Unique Code. The music and video took me to another place it was great. I cant wait for the release of Robin.

    Thank you for sharing


  17. Hey Marica Frequency guys, such a interesting collaboration of musical talent. I listened to your compilation called Nursery Rhymes.

    It has a good range of different genres from segments that sounded like folk music, which reminded me of going to listen to artists like Arlo Guthrie and other folk legends as a kid. Some of the pieces also reminded me of Disney musical soundtracks like Frozen. All of the tracks were well done musically as well as professionally sound engineered. I spent a good portion of my early work life as alighting technician for concerts so it’s easy for me to spot good sound when I hear it.

    Will be checking back periodically to see what you’re producing – great sound on you guys!

    Eric & Debbie

  18. Kudos to a job well done. You need to keep moving forward and don’t give up and keep going after what you guys are good at. It is not an easy job but if you keep at it I can assure you that you would one day reap the benefit of all the effort you have placed.

    I have been following you for quite some time and I would keep on following you. I am a huge fan of your type of music. Makes me relax and just begin to reflect on how I live my life. Well done.

  19. What a treat to come across this website. Your music is so relaxing and easy to listen to. I tested it by doing some work and playing it in the background and it was not intrusive at all.

    I enjoyed it so much that I had to check some of your other stuff on here like the video Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door. Awesome. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful music. 

  20. The Lost Ones is my absolute favorite of all the songs here. Been listening to it all day yesterday, the first of today. Will be listening to it also the second half.

    It’s beautifully written, I love how I’m hearing one sound in one of my headphones and not hearing it at all in the other and vice-versa. The dynamic is just so beautiful and appealing. Loving it.

    Hit the Lights and Nursery Rhymes were also huge for me! <3

    Do you guys have like a facebook group one could follow?

    Either way I wish you the best of luck and all of the success you strive for in your journey!

    Cheers and have a Great One!


  21. I love the ethereal nature to this music. Its fairy-like elements and downtempo tunes make me feel like rolling up a joint and sparking it, kicking back and letting the melody drift me away to somewhere magical. The track “Nursery Rhyme” took me back to my happy childhood, being at my grandmothers house and picking berries in the backyard with her – yes! The track “Godless” took me back to the when I first met the father of my child. All of these melodies, they bring back memories for me that are bittersweet. 

  22. So glad that you guys finally have a website up and running! 

    Music is so important for the mental well-being of people. I have found that, even on my worst days, I can find some happiness in my music. It can be extremely cathartic as well.

    Can’t wait for your next release (when will that be?)

  23. I love this kind of music. It is perfect for listening while working or if you want to have a relaxing moment at your home. I have become a fan of this music group. I did a little background check and I found that the way Cristopher Evans ( the music creator) named his music group was completely random, but the name is very original. If you love alternate, relaxing music listen to the two albums available here.

  24. Hello. I love your music! I think my favourites are Hit The Lights and Goodbye from the Nursery Rhymes and  Your Soul Really Needs It and Portable Sunset from Robin. I like them all but these really stood out for me. They totally relax me. So very refreshing!

    Great background music! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Been following you guys for just over a year now and I have to say, your music is captivating. I continually check up on you online but there are only a handful of interviews available (with Chris). I’m hearing a new album is coming out soon…correct? 

    Can’t wait to hear it guys! 

  26. Great music. Very soothing and easy to enjoy. I really appreciate you sharing samples that we all can enjoy here on your site! I think my favorite track thus far is “That Voice Behind”. Something about it keeps my listening to it! Keep up the excellent work and keep those albums coming!

  27. At last I’ve managed to find your website – been using your YouTube channel to go through all your songs before this! Now I’ve got your Spotify link I’ll playlist you on my phone! 

    Thanks so much for this ethereal music – it really helps me when it comes to studying for exams etc

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