The Marica Frequency – Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Cover)

The Marica Frequency – Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Cover)

The Marica Frequency - Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Cover)

Okay, so I decided to step away from the third album for a couple of months, and relax with a cover of a song I’ve always loved. In my humble opinion – it’s simplicity and emotion makes it one of the best songs ever released (well, that’s my opinion anyway!).

It’s our version of the mighty Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan.

Marisa was up for it – I was up for it – so we went for it! (she pulled off an awesome job as usual).


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  1. Very relaxing music. The cover of Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door is well made. The music is soothing as well it gently lulls you into a relaxed state. I like how the video is presented, set in reality yet not real, but still leading off into a type of the dreamland existence.Thank you for the wonderful experience, I would definitely listen to this again.

  2. WOW!  I have heard many versions of this song, but I have to say that yours is one of the best!  It is soothing and very harmonic, especially the transition from the female to the male voice!  Koodos!!!  And let’s not forget the black & white version of a 1940’s (it looks like the 1940’s anyway with the cars that are in it) video clip which has been digitized in a real cool way!!!

  3. That is a really pretty version of the song!  Marisa’s voice is absolutely beautiful!  Wow! I love that I stumbled on your site!  I’m bookmarking it to come back and I’ll get the music on iTunes 🙂  What beautiful music you create!  Thank you so much for sharing and making it 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing this, I took a listen to the song and its great and really helped me to relax. I haven’t heard the original song so I will have to check it out in a minute.

    I’ll bookmark your website so I can come back and listen to further covers from you guys,

    Keep up the great work!


  5. This is so lovely! So relaxing. I hadn’t heard this song before now! So thank-you for opening my eyes and ears to it! Beautiful cover. I love the video clip, and the way you’ve set it all up. Massive well done, very talented! I’ll be back to hear more covers for sure. 

  6. Whilst I like some of the music from that era, including specifically Bob Dylan, I do not know a lot about the meaning behind the song or the history of the history of Bob Dylan.

    I was hoping to actually be educated a bit more about either or both these things, something which I feel could add to the website and also the enjoyment of the song.

    By the way, I did enjoy the presentation of the song, it sounded really cool and original. You guys really do manage to stand out on YouTube (which is where I originally found you!)

  7. This is a very good version of this song. Even if I prefer more the rock version of it, must admit that this version it’s so relaxing. Just stay quiet and listen to the beautiful voices…

    No need to knock on heaven’s doors, just hear this wonderful version of this song and you are there! The video concept is very interesting too. Love this tune! 🙂

  8. This is pretty cool stuff! I only heard the version from Guns n Roses (didn’t know it was originally from Bob Dylan!).

    Your version is very relaxing & calming. The vocals are great, both male & female. I see your guys are available on Spotify, so I’ll be checking out more stuff. Great work!

  9. You know I grew up in a time that when I hear Knockin on Heavens door, I immediately think of the Guns and Roses cover. I know its a Bob Dylan song, and I’ve heard the original many times, but GNR is who comes to my mind.

    I’m in a band myself, and we do play covers sometimes.  I know it can be hard to cover some classics, especially if you put your own spin on it. You never know how that will be received.

    You did this song justice though, and it sounds really great! I like the concept of this video too, good choice going black and white.

  10. Woah! Great Cover of a brilliant song! Very Haunting version. There is a well blended harmony between the voices and the visuals only add to a sense of spookiness (perhaps its just me though). Just when I thought the original was amazing this one comes along pays a very well done homage to the original.

    I think you should definitely keep going because you are clearly very talented. Time well spent!

  11. Wow, that’s great!  It sounds really spiritual, I have never hear the song done this way.  It has that ethereal quallity, light and airy.  The video was well done and it all came together.  Execellent job.  Thank you for sharing this version of a real classic.  I haven’t listened to the original song much.  I do also like the Gun’s and Roses version.  There have been so many covers of this song because it is just that good.

  12. Wow this is so good!!! I love this song and your cover is superb. It’s beautiful and relaxing. The vocals are great, especially the transition between male and female voices.

    I’m not a Bob Dylan fan but this song is too good and I think it will never be old. Great job with this cover!

  13. That is probably the best version of Knockin on Heaven’s Door I’ve ever heard and I’ve definitely heard others sing it. There’s just something so calming about it and it makes me think everything’s going to be alright in the world. I love the look of the video as it looks like it’s in San Francisco during a time period that seemed to be a happier time (in my opinion anyway). Marisa is absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing this!

  14. Wow!  That was beautiful!  When I saw the title, I was already humming the tune in my head but you guys did a great job with this cover.  It was very relaxing and your voice is amazing.  I hope you continue to make beautiful music because you are very talented.  

  15. Ordinarily, I don’t like cover versions of hit songs. I tend to think that if the original was a hit, then it was fine the way it was and should be left alone. However, this cover was good in that it was original enough to be a good work on its own. The visuals are also good, as they have a surreal atmosphere that suggests being between life and death.

  16. Its great having your site book marked and even greater when you bring out new stuff.

    Your music and including this one makes me feel so relaxed and so mellow without any help from any substance.  I am a music freak and I love what you do.  I will be listening to this one over and over.

  17. Thank you with surprising me with this awesome performance of Bob Dylan’s Knocking on heavens door. I like the Marica frequency very much. However, the version of Axl Rose of Guns N’Roses is more widely known in the Netherlands. It’s amazing how different these three versions are executed. Thank you for your version of this song:)


  18. Thank you for sharing such a lovely music – I love your band. I was very tired and sad but after watching this video I feel as if I am from swimming pool. It is a very inspiring song real. For me the heaven’s door was opened due to this lovely song. I wish I could listen to it driving my own car (my dream). Amen

    I love it.

  19. As a Bob Dylan and Guns and Roses fan, this song never gets old. There are so many variations of this song and it just seems to be one of those classics that are incredibly diverse. The melody is soothing and easy to listen to. I loved listening to it so I want to say well done and keep up the great work.

  20. Hi,

    Absolutely loved this relaxing and calming song. The transition from male to female voices were well blended and it  has a gentle calming effect. The video is simple but great. Can’t help from keeping on listening this music time and time again. Keep up the great music coming and Thanks for this music.

  21. The first time I heard this song on YouTube I just had to search out your band – I love the style and the mellow feel of it. I’m going to look through your archives now and listen to your other musical releases. Great music, great vocals and a great band.

  22. Nice song. Cool and at the same time makes you think. I also like the video especially the beginning. Kudos on that cool voice. I need something like this to help calm me down. I am a huge fan of music and really cannot do without it. I listen to music every single day. I don’t think I can remember a day in which Ii have not listened to music. Thank you for this. I just found another track to add to my playlist.

  23. I just woke up after a great sleep and I had no need for more sleep. Then I listened to this music. Came close to going back to sleep! Ha ha ha. Awesome music! Thanks for sharing!

    Found your first album on Spotify, and Google brought me here!!!!!

    A most enjoyable work of art! Highly recommended and will share with friends (you are an awesome band!)


  24. This is an incredible rendition, maybe one of the best! I love the visual effects. I’d be curious to know how much time it took to produce this since it looks like there was plenty of work that went in. You should definitely get this up on hype machine if you can. I am sure it would top the charts!

  25. I am a music lover but have not listened to many western music. It was with deep interest and I wanted to comment this site. I am amazed at this beautiful lyric. When the sound stopped I was craving for listen to more and more. So soothing and without my knowledge I felt peace inside. I really want to watch it few more times at least.

    Thank you for putting it out for world and I sincerely hope lot of people will enjoy.

  26. Very relaxing indeed. I always love your output .

    Like I said in your last post, you are going places and you are already making waves.

    Knocking on heavens door. May the door of heaven open to all of us including you and all our loved ones. You have always posted reaourveful pieces and it’s a blessing

  27. I’m a big Bob Dylan fan so wasn’t sure what to expect. The original version has a kind of haunting quality to it and you guys have retained that but somehow made it more melodic and relaxing to listen to. Well done, a great version of the classic. I also loved the video that went with it. I’ll bookmark your site for future. 

  28. Hi this is a really nice version of a great song. Very easy to listen to and very relaxing. The best music is any the last can elicit an emotional response from the listener. And this cover version does that very well. Thank you for sharing this and I wish you all the best luck with your endeavours in the future (I will be following you!!!!)


  29. That’s Wow, To be honest I love this version of this Marica Frequency Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door. The intro really touched me and how the instrumentals were used really made me to fall in love with the song. It’s really heart touching precisely. I’ll convert it to the MP3 version because I love those lyrics.

    You guys always hit the spot!

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