The complete collection of the official videos of The Marica Frequency’s music. Just click a vid, sit back and (hopefully) enjoy!

If I’m honest with you – I did create a nice gallery of each single’s cover for this page. You could simply click on the song’s image and be taken to a separate page to watch the video.

Do you think I could get the fucker to work?

Hell no!

So in an attempt to avoid throwing my laptop through the window, I settled for just loading this page up with all the video releases…


Hallowed Ground (Official Video)

After all the interviews I did this tune tends to get mentioned the most – so I’m going out on a limb and saying this is probably the most popular track off the first album (Nursery Rhymes).

I played about with the vocals for ages, continually fucking them up…until I listened to one of my old ELO albums one day and a light bulb came on…

Why don’t I use a completely outdated and retro robot voice for the first verse and chorus?

Yeah, this could quite easily of gone south with no chance of returning…but I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

The wonderfully talented Marisa Frantz was the final piece of the jigsaw – she never let’s me down.


That Voice Behind (Official Video)

My first jump into the world of animation…and I love the way it turned out! The song was composed with Marisa in mind from start to finish – I knew I wanted an operatic feel to it and I knew she would nail the lead vocal line (which she did with ease!).


Open Gate

Tried to get a little more adventurous with this one but at the end of the day – I’m no Steven Spielberg. Still, I think it turned out pretty cool considering I had to fumble around looking for clips that wouldn’t land me in jail if I used them (this copyright lark is complete bollocks online these days!).

Anyway, I think it’s safe…and I’m not changing it (anytime soon!).


Goodbye (Official Video)

I’m reliably informed that the guy who originally put this film together (in the early 1900’s) is none other than Segundo de Chomon. It’s now in the public domain and I find it a fascinating watch. The song is the final song off the Nursery Rhymes album and it’s one that’s extremely close to my heart.

Not much more to say on the subject matter than that really – make your own minds up…


Sleeping Dogs Lie

I’m actually about three months late with putting this video up here, but I got there in the end…

An instrumental B side with the awesomely generous MINOR2GO providing the piano line (extremely talented German artist).

No room on any of the upcoming albums for it, so it’s just been thrown up on YouTube to get some sort of life.


Owain’s Unique Code

When I finally finished mastering this tune I had no real idea what to do with it – I still don’t now if I’m honest with you!

It runs in at over 7 minutes, so it was a little too long for the second album release. I was then going to use it as a B-side for an upcoming single release…but I still haven’t made my mind up on that one either.

It’s an instrumental soundscape that’s a tribute to one of the hardest Welsh fuckers ever – Owain Glyndwr.

I could go on about this guy all day long, but that wouldn’t be fair (I am biased after all!). Simply click on his name above and check him out for yourself.


The Lost Ones (Official Video)

The ONLY video release we decided to take off the Robin album!

The album itself is based on a story I penned a few years back – so each song sorta works out like a chapter from the story. The album is therefore, pretty diverse, and alternative, so singling out one song without it’s surrounding songs – won’t really work…

Make sense?

Probably not!

Anyway, enjoy.


Break The Seal (Official Video)

The first video release off the third album When Things Fall Down. Another video put together with public domain silent films – I love ’em!

Here’s what a recent review from Sleeping Bag Studios said about the tune:

“Listen to the smart addition of backing vocals in amongst the strings and hauntingly melodic lead-vocals on “Break The Seal” – this song is a freakin’ masterpiece. Very much in an Arcade Fire kind of style & approach, the combination of vocals in this band make their presence felt on “Break The Seal” and deliver a spine-tingling performance between them that is absolutely stunning and purely beautiful.”

Couldn’t have put it better myself! 🙂


Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Cover)

Our first cover version – recorded in between sessions for When Things Fall Down. Not much to say about this tune…other than it’s the best cover version of this song EVER (fuck yeah!).


The Gunslinger (Official Video)

The first song off the album When Things Fall Down, and the second single release (off the same album). Managed to twist the arm of a superhero harmonica player to perform on this…and he f##king rocks it big time!



21 Replies to “Videos”

  1. Man you lot still sound really good! I look forward to what releases the future will bring. The vocals are absolutely outstanding and I could just listen on repeat. Marisa has done a really great job.

    Love the ethereal feel you lot put into everything you do. 

    I know that producing music can be very time consuming, but as you’ve demonstrated, the result is very nice.

  2. Seriously! How do you come out with this music? After checking out your page on the music archives and reading the “about” page, I had to check out the videos! 

    Seriously, they are beautiful. 

    Do not doubt your “mad” skills! You do a great job on the video representations that seems to capture the essence of the songs. I love what you did on The Voice Behind! I also really enjoyed Open Gate. Keep up your amazing work! I can hardly wait to see/hear more!

  3. One of the most underrated bands on the planet at the moment – I’ve heard whispers on the underground that a third album is underway, can you guys comment on that?

    Hallowed Ground is my bath time song – seriously, I sit in the bath and relax to it on loop.

  4. Hey there,

    Frankly, I heard the Maria Frequency for first time about a month ago, I found all the videos and the music very soothing.  The Voice Behind, Owain’s Unique Code, The Lost Ones, I like most of them and the videography and animation too good.

    You mentioned about Owain Glyndwr,  I have red some of Shakespeare work but was not aware that Glyndŵr is portrayed as a king in William Shakespeare’s play Henry IV. 


  5. I can see why that first tune might be the most popular track. I listened to it three times in a row! There are some really neat effects in your animation video for That Voice Behind. Whatever that ‘floating ink blob’ effect is, I could watch for hours. I’ll be sure to check back for upcoming music & vids. Thank you for sharing rather than throwing your laptop out the window!

  6. My first and biggest love in life is music.  Listening to all of this just reinforces those thoughts.

    This is music that I could lay my head back, close my eyes and just let my mind go where ever it wants.  I cant wait for your next article.  Your site should be in everyone’s favorite list.

  7. So far I really love THAT VOICE BEHIND because the lady’s voice is very calm although high pitch – I discovered it through a Spotify playlist last week (and fell in love with it straight away!). I am going to add some of these videos to my list of songs on Spotify!

  8. To be honest these were beautiful as is most of your the music, along with the stunning visuals in the video were pretty sick.

    You have a talent for creating works for art I know we all have our own things we are just good at. How long did it take you to create some of these videos?

    I am going to have to come back to your site and just see all the interesting things that are here. This post was great plus with having beautiful music then the visuals just complimented each other. I hope all is well with you keep up this stunning work of art you have thanks for the music man!


  9. Wow. I am a little speechless. Awesome sounds. Your videos are amazing, you have a fantastic talent.  I couldn’t help but take a look around your site and I do believe I’ve just heard the one and only version of Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door that I can honestly say that I LOVE!!!!  Can I get a copy of it on iTunes?  Where can I buy it??

  10. Hey there,

    I think this band are awesome. I really enjoyed their music because I’ve found it to be very peaceful, inspiring and positive with very smooth flow, while giving me a very relaxing, almost out of the body/nirvana state like feeling! Thank you for introducing me to this amazing music, can’t wait for your next projects. 

  11. I love it. So calm and great at the same time, I will follow your site and your YouTube channel,

    It’s perfect to listen it while I’m working, I will add you to my Spotify list, I’m sure I’ll be listen to your music often.

    I’m always looking to discover new music to listen, thanks for releasing this fantastic music!

  12. Great Post! Someone (or a couple someones) has been very busy indeed! I have heard some of these songs before, but hearing them all like this is something else entirely. I would not be surprised to hear a few of these songs as music in any popular movie.

    The animations are also very cool, like almost cartoon but almost real life at the same time. I really like it.

  13. Wow!  I found your site and started to listen to the videos.  I say it again Wow!  This is something else!  All the tracks have their uniqueness, but my preferred track is Owen’s unique code.  It has that smoothness that is almost hypnotic and send you in a trans like feeling. It would be perfect for a meditation session.  Got this site bookmarked for more greatness!


  14. This kind of music videos are relaxing, I really love the work you guys have done here.

    When I’m stressed or I was in a hurry, I listen to this and it relaxes me, really.

    Thanks a lot for posting these songs/sounds/videos, because my body feels so good! You have a ghostly feel in your tunes and I love listening.

  15. I kept on hearing about the Marica Frequency so I thought I check things out myself. Such voice is so pleasant for listening and in some moments even emotional. What I like the most is Lost Ones, its the best. I will forward this to my sister who will enjoy in this beautiful songs. Thanks a lot for creating and showing us this beauty.

  16. First high five to your animation, kept me watching the whole time. You now have a another YouTube follower. I’m really interested in seeing how you will grow as an animator. I love the music, easy to listen to as well follow along. 

    I found myself listening and then had to keep going to next video to  see what the music progression was like, these are really enjoyable tracks. 

  17. This is really interesting stuff, whenever I come across one of your projects I’m always taken by how unique it is. 

    I specially love “The Voice Behind” track, and you have dome a really good job with the video. the track is hauntingly beautiful, and one that I will love to listen to again and again.

    Chrissie 🙂

  18. You are a living genius. I wonder how you always come about your creativity. I am in love with hallowed ground.  Wooo it’s awesome. 

    Let me tell you this, do not ever think you are not making any sense. You are on a soothing journey to greater heights, keep doing your thing, keep making the impacts, keep staring up the silent waters. 

    I believe in you. 

  19. I really enjoyed watching all these videos, they are beautiful voices and I could literally listen to them all day long, my fav is defo the lost ones! Beautiful in every way. well done. I can imagine this wasn’t easy to put together, so I take my hat off to you. 

  20. That’s some amazing music and I really love Hallowed Ground as well as That Voice Behind! It makes me think it should be part of a major movie. Owain’s Unique Code is another good one too and I don’t mind the 7 minute + run time. So much good stuff here and I hope you don’t stop releasing more.

  21. Wow, I love your videos,but especially the first one at the top there Hallowed Ground (Official Video)  The sound is very calm and cool and I love the background too. I wonder how you came about getting this beautiful background.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t watch all the videos because of my internet data limitations. But in all I think you guys did a great job. A friend recommended your music a while back, and I’m so glad I listened to her! 


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